RARE Utah Tiffany Stone 21x42mm Freeform Cabochon

RARE Utah Tiffany Stone 9x12mm Matching Briolette Earring Bead Pair

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RARE Utah Tiffany Stone 21x42mm Freeform Cabochon

Tiffany Stone comes only from the Brush Wellman beryllium mine in the Western deserts of Utah. The mine is not public for collecting and very little of this material is available.   It is a soft to hard Opalized stone composed of predominantly Opalized fluorite (blues, purples and whites), often with many other minerals such as Agate, Dolomite, Rhodonite, Manganese oxide, Beryllium and others. It often has a "crackled" appearance and is considered one of the most scarce, beautiful and unusual stones in the world.   Sometimes known as bertrandite, ice cream opal, opal flourite and 'Purple Passion', it's a wonderfuly colorful stone with purple, lavender, creamy white and sometimes patches of mauve, yellowish-brown and black matrix.

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