The story behind the Beaded Hummingbirds

Each of the beaded critters are handmade by Mayan Indian neighbors in a mile high mountain village in Guatemala whose name actually means “Valley of the Hummingbirds” in the Cackchikel Maya language. There are no roads or cars in this village and mountain trails around it can be a bit dangerous ... along with an occasional landslide, snakes, bobcats and rolling boulders, it will be a challenging hike to get there.

Each bird is handmade and created with artistic beauty, intricate detail and poetry ... truly a work of art. The bead crafters all work in their homes under ethically sound conditions and are very happy with the projects they do together while creating the most amazing critters that not only include hummingbirds, but lizards, turtles, insects and other birds as well. In addition to the time put into this craft, the villagers work hard on their tiny mountain farms raising food and building the houses for their families. They also find time to care for the many flowers, dogs and fruit trees.


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